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Tips on house training your Puppy

Tips on house training your Puppy


House training a new puppy can be challenging, but it is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner. It takes patience, consistency, and effective techniques to train your puppy to go to the bathroom outside, and the process can be frustrating at times. In this blog post, we will provide tips for house training your puppy to help make the process smoother and more successful.


Establish a routine

Establishing a routine is essential for house training your puppy. Try to take your puppy outside at the same time every day and after meals or naps. This will help your puppy learn when it's time to go to the bathroom.

Use positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful training technique that can help your puppy learn faster and be more motivated to obey your commands. When your puppy goes to the bathroom outside, reward them with treats, praise, or playtime. This will encourage them to repeat the behaviour.

Keep a close eye on your puppy

Keeping a close eye on your puppy is essential for house training. Watch for signs that your puppy needs to go to the bathroom, such as sniffing, circling, or whining. When you see these signs, take your puppy outside immediately.

Confine your puppy when you can't supervise

When you can't supervise your puppy, confine them to a small, safe area such as a crate or playpen. This will prevent accidents and help your puppy learn to hold their bladder.

Clean up accidents promptly

If your puppy has an accident inside, clean it up promptly and thoroughly. Use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the odor, as this will prevent your puppy from being drawn back to the same spot.

Be patient and consistent

House training your puppy takes time, patience, and consistency. Puppies have small bladders, and accidents will happen. Don't punish your puppy for accidents, as this can cause fear and anxiety. Instead, stay positive, use positive reinforcement, and be consistent with your routine.


In conclusion, house training your puppy can be challenging, but with patience, consistency, and effective techniques, you can train your puppy to go to the bathroom outside. Establish a routine, use positive reinforcement, keep a close eye on your puppy, confine them when you can't supervise, clean up accidents promptly, and be patient and consistent. With time and effort, you and your furry companion can enjoy a clean and happy home.

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